“a type of hair invented by the devil himself. causes hair to do whatever it feels like doing including morning hair in the afternoon.”

If you check the forecast to determine how to wear your hair the next day, you may find the following helpful.

We asked our experienced stylist their advice on taming that crazy mane of yours on the days that may seem impossible to have a decent hair day! Here are some tips and tricks we have gotten from them. Y’all don’t forget to check out the product recommendations. All  products are in stock at Bangs and makes perfect stocking stuffers!


Wash with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner- every other day

Your morning routine starts in the shower. Begin with a moisturizing shampoo AND conditioner. We recommend Unite’s Laser Straight Shampoo and Conditioner or Danines Nou Nou Shampoo and Conditioner. Steer clear of volumizing formulas, which make hair swell and can exacerbate frizz. Here is the kicker. Don’t wash your locks everyday, you will be stripping your hair of natural oils needed to tame your Frizz!


 Style with a Serum- It will make all the difference!

Our styling Serum U Oil can tame even the unruliest locks.   Apply your product choice to soaking wet hair: applying serum to dry or even damp hair can leave the hair with a greasy after feel. After you dry your hair we suggest applying the Shine Spray 7 Second Glossing.


Adios to Air Drying.. 

Moisture is the culprit behind Frizz. The longer your hair air dries, the more moisture that is absorbed.  If you can’t dry right after showering, re-wet hair when you’re ready to blow-dry it. We recommend our CHI blow dryer. Instead of reaching for your regular towel grab and old T-Shirt. Towels can create a scrubbing effect on your hair, removing product and damaging curl. The smoother texture of a t-shirt will prevent frizz and help maintain your locks.


We think the good Lord above created Frizz to teach us there are things we can’t completely control. At Bangs, we are here to help you manage your Frizz with the best products and advice! Thank y’all for stopping in. All products that were mentioned are for sell at Bangs and our friendly stylist are always a call away for any advice! Call today to schedule your appointment.